Chicken Burger Diner Restaurant | Halifax Airport & Bedford, Nova Scotia


For over 75 years, The Chickenburger has been a destination for families and friends alike. Today, the historical landmark remains a community icon. It is also heralded as a Canadian gem, being the oldest drive-in diner in Canada.

From the beginning, The Chickenburger was built on quality and little has changed since its humble beginnings. The same chicken recipe crafted in 1940 is still used to ensure customers keep coming back for the same great taste. The commitment to quality products complimented by excellent customer service is the foundation on which The Chickenburger was built and still maintains. The founder and matriarch, Mrs. Innes, affectionately known to locals as, ‘The Chickenburger Lady’ was an integral part of quality control and her high standards will always be upheld.

The Chickenburger changed hands in 2007 to another family-owned organization, the MacDonalds.  Now under the banner of The Micco Group of Companies, the MacDonalds intend to preserve the integrity of ‘The Chick’.

For the families involved, The Chickenburger isn’t a job—it’s a way of life.  For the customers, whom we thank for their continued support throughout the decades–we hope you enjoy our story, one you helped pen.